Before I close out this year, I thought I’d revisit some of my stories and characters. Nisha from the Orisha’s Gift series is my favourite. She almost doesn’t feel as if I created her; it’s more like she just showed up and I took notes.

Originally she appeared in the Aftershock collection, which is a charitable project to raise funds for worldwide disaster relief. The project was started immediately following the earthquake in Haiti, so I wanted my conribution to have some sort of link to Haiti. The only problem was, I’m not one of those people who can write about a place I’ve never been. I know some writers who can, and who can do a damned good job at it–they do the research, and then manage to produce something convincing. I wish I were one of them, but…I’m just not.
So the best I could do was to have Nisha’s new supernaturally-charged sexual powers come as a gift from the Orisha Oshun, and to have her test-drive them in order to convince her rich boyfriend to fund his brother’s participation in the relief effort.

Wolf’s Layer sprang into my head a little while later. I’d suspected, when I was writing the first story, that I wasn’t done with Nisha; I really liked her, and I wanted another chance to explore her odd situation and see what sorts of supernatural challenges could face a woman whose sexuality was, in the most literal way possible, a source of power. That story knew where it was going right from the beginning, heading right for that place where surrender is power and doing what you have to is inseparable from doing what you want to.

Finally, there was Demon’s Layer, which did the inevitable: brought Nisha’s long-term lover Slade (“dripping with couth and wealth,” as a friend once said) face-to-face with the attractive werewolf from Wolf’s Layer. I couldn’t resist. Plus it’s set in a demon-haunted hotel, which is my kind of vacation spot.

So, all in all, I’ve been having a huge amount of fun with these stories. I hope the readers have been ebtertained as well. 😀

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I thought about waiting until Demon’s Layer gets released (next week) to post here, but since the excerpt is available, I can’t resist.

Demon’s Layer: Nisha’s spending the weekend with her boyfriend, her favorite werewolf… and a sex demon.
The Innferno is the perfect hotel for a weekend getaway, except for one minor problem — the sex-crazed resident demon. It’s possessing the guests and using them to slake its lust, and that’s bad for business, which is why the manager needs help from Nisha Jenkins. Her assignment? Do whatever it takes to persuade the demon to move on.

This is the third story featuring Nisha the Layer, and I like her better the more I write about her. Let’s face it: she has an interesting life. 😉

Several authors I know of have been offering stories for sale via Lulu or Smashwords, as well as publishing other stories with e-publishers. I’ve been wanting to try that myself for MONTHS, but this is the first time I’ve had the time to sit down and upload something.

So: Stormhaven is available at Smashwords. If you buy it between now and September 18th, you can use coupon code WB48F to get it for just 0.99USD.

This is explicit erotic romance; seriously, this is not to everyone’s taste, so please don’t click the link if explicit erotic romance offends you.

Warning: explicit het sex. Also contains pirates, bondage, spanking, and various other kinks. NSFW, not intended for minors. Proceed at your own risk.


Prologue: The Capture

His Majesty’s ships had been pursuing the pirate ship for two days. When the storm clouds broiled across the horizon, all but the HMS Capture had dropped back. She had followed the pirate ship, Catch Me Who Can, into a narrow cove on one of the unspeakable islands of Triune, manoeuvring around jagged rocks and brushing past overhanging plants, only to end up in an apparently empty harbour. The pirate ship, concealed against the treacherous cliffs and sweetly-scented overhang, had drawn in behind them before the Capture’s Captain had finished swearing. The pirates were over her side, and the crew disarmed, before the Capture could flee, but all they took for their pains were the weapons and a single hostage–the sub-lieutenant. The navy ship struggled to turn, floundering in the confined space and quite probably further impeded by her crew’s impotent fury; by the time she’d rounded, the outlaw ship had fled.

Bound by her wrists to the mainmast, the sub-lieutenant was helpless. The pirate captain growled wordlessly at his crew, sending them back to their positions, but few of those whose place was on deck could resist stealing glances as he unsheathed a dagger and sliced his captive’s uniform from throat to hem. Shivering in just her undergarments, silk stockings, and boots, she tilted her head defiantly to stare up at him. He cut her clothes again, until the uniform dropped in pieces at her feet. The white silk of her underthings concealed very little. Even the dark tips of her erect nipples were on full display. She pressed her legs tightly together, an involuntary gesture that could have been an attempt to preserve what little modesty was left to her. Or, perhaps, some burgeoning excitement made her press her thighs together. The crew leered to themselves, though most feared and respected their leader too much to be caught openly gawking. Only the First Mate dared pause in his work and, by longstanding agreement, watch.

It was no light matter, the piracy that plagued Epithalamia. The Realm had many far flung provinces and isolated lands which had broken away from the careful societal rules that governed the kingdom. These outlands were a source of shock, titillation, outrage, and much wild speculation, but on the whole they were tolerated. Such toleration, however, extended only to the most cautious, tightly regulated contact. All trade was monitored, and travel back and forth was meant to be impossible without government approval.

The pirates flaunted the caution with which the Realm protected itself from the excesses and transgressions of the outlying provinces. They grew rich, and insolent, plying their illegal trade and offering passage to whichever citizens could pay for their transport. Fortunately the pirates set their price so high that few took them up on the offer of a berth, but still, just knowing the possibility existed encouraged honest citizens to flaunt the law.

And everyone who knew the sub-lieutenant knew that she was a reliable, obedient citizen. She was of good family, and had been properly raised and delicately nurtured. She had never spoken a word against the Realm’s customs, much less shown any interest in or sympathy for those whose inclinations led them to gravitate towards certain particular provinces, or those whose more shocking preferences sent them to the most distant lands. She had devoted herself earnestly to the navy’s pursuit of piracy.

So why had she been smiling when the pirate captain led her on board his ship? For that matter, why was she smiling now? Although her smile grew less challenging, and more dreamily aroused, as the captain forced one hand between her thighs, and rubbed her with knowing familiarity. “It was well-played,” he told her, his voice too low for anyone else to hear, “but I knew from the outset that we’d lose the Capture. The only challenge was in making sure I captured you first.”
“O Captain, my Captain.” She quoted the old Earth poem huskily, breathlessly responding to his touch.

“Indeed I am, and every night that I board you I intend to make that clear to you.” He stroked her, clearly pleased by her growing wetness, then withdrew his hand. “But before I mount you now, my love, I have to demonstrate our victory over His Majesty’s sluggish fleet. And that, I regret to inform you, means three well-placed lashes, in full view of my crew. Don’t worry: you know I won’t break that perfect skin of yours.”

But that wasn’t what worried her at all. The law-abiding, modest sub-lieutenant bit her lip, hoping against hope that the strokes of the lash wouldn’t bring her to orgasm in front of this rabble. It was one thing to be unable to resist him; quite another that everyone should know. But already her thighs were wet with anticipation, and she very much feared she would be unable to hang on.

And then the captain, before lifting his flogger to her bare bottom, repositioned the sub-lieutenant, shifting her so that she stood side-on to the mast her hands were bound to. Her hip was pressed against the mast, and her body was exposed, front and back.

As if by prearrangement, the captain nodded to his blond first mate. The sub-lieutenant felt her knees go weak with shock as the first mate knelt in front of her. She recognized his face, but this had never happened before. “Jack,” she said, pleadingly, but the captain shook his head, not even bothering to answer her. He lifted the flogger, and as he did so, the first mate forced her thighs apart, and bent his head eagerly to lick the creamy nectar of her excitement.

She had no voice left for protest, and no will power to maintain even the barest shred of self-control. The captain’s lashing made her jump forward, pushing her more firmly against his servant’s tongue, and she arched her back helplessly and came. She could feel the heat of the crew’s eyes, watching.

And this, she knew from experience, would be only the first of many orgasms he would wrest from her–and now that he had introduced Max to the pleasures of her flesh, who knew what he had in mind for her?

Available now!

Nisha Jenkins is a Layer, gifted with special powers by the Orisha of love and intimacy, Oshun. Now she has her second assignment: help a hapless werewolf leave his pack so he can marry the woman he loves. Trouble is, Kevin hasn’t been entirely upfront about what she’ll have to do to help him win his freedom. Now she’s face to face with the Alpha of the pack who’s demanding his traditional right to bed Kevin’s Moot date — and that’s Nisha.

Alastar Canagan is a powerful man (well, some of the time!), and not used to being turned down. What’s a Layer to do?

Buy Link:

Reminder: The excerpt below contains adult situations and language.
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Sahara at Changeling Press just sent me the cover art for Wolf’s Layer, and goodness, it’s hot!

It’s going to be released on the 21 of May. It’s already showing up under Changeling’s coming soon titles!
Here’s the link for it, although that’s not the cover art, that’s a placeholder. Cute, though, isn’t he? 😉

I’ve unexpectedly found myself working on a short m/m story.

I read a fair amount of m/m (I have a friend, J. S. Cook, who writes it, and I’m a bit of a fan of Jordan Castillo Price and Josh Lanyon as well), but I’ve never written it. Or particularly wanted to write it, even.

But the characters who showed up in my head for this particular story are both male. The funny thing is, because I was thinking “I don’t write m/m,” I tried revamping things so that one character was female. But nuh-uh: no way. It just wouldn’t work.

No wonder writers talk about “muses.” It really does feel as if I have two imaginary people insisting that they’re male and have to be written that way. I’m amused–and a bit boggled–by my inability to write them any other way.

By which I mean, it’s in edits. I’m very pleased–this is the home stretch, and I’m quite happy with it. A little werewolf sex, a little Layer banter…

What’s a Layer, you ask? I invented Nisha Jenkins for the Changeling disaster-relief anthology Aftershock. She’s kind of a metaphor for what the Changeling authors were doing with that anthology: using the power of female sexuality to change the world for the better. After all, when you think about it, that anthology was created because a bunch of authors donated their time to write some hot romance for charity–and the finds were raised because readers were willing to take their reading pleasure by buying the book.

Okay, Nisha’s sex/love magic is a bit more impressive. She has actual powers, granted by an Orisha. But still, I tried to keep her powers ambiguous–she doesn’t kick down doors or cast spells, she just uses her particular sexual pull to influence people and events. You know, like women do every day. Only more so.

And now she’s about to co-star in a second story, Wolf’s Layer, with a gorgeous Alpha werewolf. I’m very happy for her.

Changeling Press has a new anthology out: Aftershock.

It’s to raise money for disaster relief, so none of us are making a profit from this one. And yet, paradoxically, this is the one I hope you’ll buy, because I kind of love everyone at Changeling for wanting to do this.

AND check out the “read an excerpt” link: it’s the opening of my story. 🙂

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